Research Interests:
Dr. Motamed’s main areas of research include LRFD for deep foundations; shake table experiments; liquefaction and mitigation measures; pile foundations in liquefied and lateral spreading grounds; soil- structure interaction; site response analysis; seismic hazard analysis; near-fault ground motions; selection and development of acceleration time histories; and train-induced ground vibrations.

Current Projects:
– Evaluation of Nonlinear Soil Response Using Geotechnical Downhole Arrays in California (PI, Sponsored by CSMIP, California Geological Survey)
– Implementation and Validation of Vertical Site Response Analyses in LS-DYNA Using Geotechnical Down- hole Array Records (PI, Sponsored by Arup)
Pilot study to explore similitude between small and large diameter drilled shaft load tests (PI, Sponsored by ADSC)
Helical Piles for Underpinning of Shallow Foundations on Soils Susceptible to Liquefaction: A Pilot Study (PI, Sponsored by DFI and Ram Jack)

Completed Projects:
– An Evaluation of Site Response Analysis Methods (PI, Sponsored by Arup)
– Calibration of Resistance Factors for LRFD of Axially Loaded Drilled Shafts in the Las Vegas Valley (PI, Sponsored by NDOT)
– Incorporation of Local Site Effects in Broadband Simulations of Ground Motions: Case Study of the Wildlife Liquefaction Array in Southern California (PI, Sponsored by SCEC)